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Finally!.. We are bringing a men’s league to PLUTO. We invite all men 18 and older to join our upcoming men’s PRO-AM League. This league will suit all players from college to everyday passionate players looking to challenge themselves and other players around Colorado. If you have any questions please email or call 719-355-5733 for more info and sign-up. To pay online use the Paypal button below.
Objective: To Bring all players of the men’s division to a common place to play competitive basketball. 

-We offer film and highlights

-We offer stats

-We an offer an MVP title

-League starting Dec. 10th to Feb. 4th

-Sundays at 5pm

Cost:$75 per player


Step 1:

Click Add To Cart To Register!


Additional $2.55 for Paypal fee if paid through Paypal button.

Step 2:

To Finalize Registration You Must Send The Following Details To: or call 719-355-5733

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Team Name (Teams must be uniformed with matching shirt or jersey)