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Mens ProAm League 12/10-2/4

League schedule for Men’s ProAm Dec. 10 – Feb. 4, 2018

Week 1: Dec 10, 2017
5pm) Pluto vs PeakCity
6pm) Pluto vs Kings
7pm) HeatCheck vs Old & Busted
8pm) Sp.HoopSociety vs Harlem

Week 2: Dec 17, 2017
5pm) Under Construction vs Harlem
6pm) Kings vs Sp.HoopSociety
7pm) HeatCheck vs PeakCity
8pm) Old & Busted vs Pluto

Week 3: Dec 31, 2017
2pm) Pluto vs Harlem
3pm) Kings vs Heat Check
4pm) Old & Busted vs Springs HoopSociety
5pm) Peak City vs Under Construction



Week 4: Jan 7, 2018
5pm) Peak City vs Old & Busted
6pm) Under Construction vs Springs HoopSociety
7pm) Under Construction vs Heat Check
8pm) Kings vs Harlem

Week 5: Jan 14, 2018
5pm) Peak City vs Kings
6pm) Old & Busted vs Under Construction
7pm) Harlem vs Springs HoopSociety
8pm) Heat Check vs Pluto

Week 6: Jan 21, 2018
5pm) Pluto vs Under Construction
6pm) Harlem vs Heat Check
7pm) Peak City vs Springs HoopSociety
8pm) Kings vs Old & Busted

Week 7: Jan 28, 2018
5pm) Under Construction vs Kings
6pm) Heat Check vs Springs HoopSociety
7pm) Harlem vs Old & Busted
8pm) Pluto vs Peak City

Week 8: Feb 4th, 2018
5pm) Harlem vs Peak City
6pm) Under construction vs Heat Check
7pm) Pluto vs Springs HoopSociety
8pm) Kings vs Old & Busted

Week 9: Play offs Start Feb 10, 2018 (single elimination)

Semi Finals/Championship Feb 11th