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Season: 2017

Xavier Johnson – Rampart High School – Class 2018

Physical Attributes:

Very strong, fast, and effective player. Standing at 6’2 and weighs 190 lbs all muscle is built like a tank. Big hands and great hand eye coordination. Xavier is the total package. Great lateral movement but has limited jumping athleticism. Big frame with plenty of room to gain more muscle.

Areas of Improvement:

Has average jumping ability. And needs to develop more upper body strength to extend his range.

Game Play (Note: Only evaluated from what we saw at the camp.):

(*Camp Standout and Top Performer) Great at pushing the ball in transition and controlling the tempo of the game. Takes pride in defense and he is a good but not great passer. Makes plays for others and he is a really good offensive rebounder giving his team second chance opportunities. Very physical player on both ends of the floor.

Areas of Improvement:

Really needs to start setting more screens and moving more without the ball. Didn’t see any back cuts for easy buckets. Most of his plays come from having the ball in his hands. Start taking more catch and shoot opportunities

Projected Level: Juco / D1 / D2