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Season: 2017

Brendan Larose – Falcon High School – Class 2018

Physical Attributes:

Big and physical frame standing at 6’8”. Nice wingspan to make it difficult for other opponents to get of shots. Great leaping ability for someone who is 6’8” but takes too long to get up, not a very quick jumper. Good strength and power.

Areas of Improvement:

Acceleration and overall quickness can be improved. Heavy footed so he needs to spend time on the foot ladder and jump rope.

Game Play (Note: Only evaluated from what we saw at the camp.):

Runs well in the open court and can finish around the rim. Decent post moves. Has the ability to knock down both the mid-range and long range shot. average defender when he is in good positioning. Set screens well and has a good basketball IQ.

Areas of Improvement:

Court awareness can improved with more game play and watching film. Lacks a motor at times and needs to play more aggressive on the defensive end and not just on the offense. Needs to work more around the boards he has the potential to be a great rebounder and not just an average to decent rebounder on both ends.

Projected Level: Low-Mid D1 / D2