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Season: 2017

Dawson Carper – Rampart High School – Class 2018

Physical Attributes:

7’0 true center Dawson Carper is 245 lbs and can move really well for his size. Great length that makes it tough to get your shot off clean. Great Hands and touch around round the rim. Wide shoulders with plenty of room for weight gain and muscle mass.  

Areas of Improvement:

Needs to improve hip mobility and fast twitch muscles. Deep squats will help a ton and jump roping.

Game Play (Note: Only evaluated from what we saw at the camp.):

Does a great good rim running the floor and always looks to get it to a guard to push the break. Great touch around the basket and is not selfish with inside out play after a post touch. Does a good job of setting screens but needs to roll harder to the basket. Doesn’t do a great job getting in position for rebounds, relies on size.

Areas of Improvement:

Needs to post up harder and demand the ball. Not very vocal and needs to shoot the midrange and hook shot more.

Projected Level: D1